Rigloo Refuge

What’s in the bag?

  1. Rigloo Refuge Shelter x 1
    The main inflatable shelter
  2. Rechargeable Battery Pump x 1
    The main pump for inflation
  3. Top Up Hand Pump
    A secondary pump for inflation and top up
  4. Foil Blankets x 2
    Additional blankets to keep you warm in an emergency
  5. Tether Cord x 2 and Carabiner x 4
    Secure your Rigloo to a fence, barrier or tree
  6. Guy Ropes x 6
    Additional ropes to secure to the ground with the pegs
  7. Ground Pegs x 12
    For use with the guy ropes
  8. Glow Sticks x 2
    To bring attention to your Rigloo in the dark
  9. Puncture Repair Kit
    In case of a puncture it can be repaired
  10. Inflation Instructions
    The how to guide.

Rigloo Rescuer

The Rigloo Rescuer is a lightweight, portable, fast deploying inflatable shelter with a fully detachable floor. Its design purpose was to give those in prehospital patient care a stable environment, fully protected from the elements to treat a patient. The simplicity of the design and ease of deployment and repacking make it an ideal field shelter during search and rescue or humanitarian missions.

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